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Armies of sweet tooth obscenities flew in from the portal, while creepy, crawly spiders dropped down like paratroopers from the sky. All of your fellow cupcakes fled into the portal hoping to escape - only to never return.


There are only two of you left in Cupcake World and you’re not leaving without your donuts!









Buy our game "Not without my donuts"

for only $3,99


- 4 Different scenarios

- 4 different level difficulties

- Xbox360 controller & Keyboard support

- 2 Player Co-up gameplay

- Best scores for all levels

- 18 Unlockable Primairy weapons

- 12 Achievements + hidden

- 11 secundairy Upgrades

- Donutshop to spend your donuts

- Originial soundtrack written by David.F.Burrows

- Massive exploding special effects

- Unlimited bugs ready to be shot to hell

- Narration and cupcake voiceover by Andrew Spooner (Actor/Puppeteer muppets)

- 4 vicious bosses Always ready to make your life harder

- Get a steam key when you buy it on Desura



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